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Find out more about the latest tokens minted to The CryptoZone platform, and how to start earning!

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The CryptoZone Founder’s Token:

The CryptoZone Founder's Token

Just by holding The CryptoZone Founders Token you’ve secured a 10% discount when buying The CryptoZone assets (non-stackable & not including the FT). Each new asset created by The CryptoZone (stackable) will be dropped to a random selection of holders depending on supply, with bonuses + drops included from future games and projects (drops are stackable, certain bonuses may or may-not be stackable).

For as long as you hold this token you’ll have access to all giveaways, events, and channels created by The CryptoZone and will be automatically included in multiple giveaways with increased chances of winning! Each Twitter Giveaway from The CryptoZone allows FT holders to be automatically included, but if you participate as well you are able to double your chances of winning.

You’ll be granted access to The CryptoZone Founders Private Telegram channel, where you can be a part of discussions and new ideas as we grow the project. FT holders will have voting power equal to the amount of FT’s you hold, which you can use to help us decide the best path to follow but also allow you to submit and/ or approve new ideas.

And finally, 50% of profits from official sales of The CryptoZone assets minted will be distributed to FT holders at the end of each month (and yes, they are stackable), with the exception of The CryptoZone Founder’s Token sales.

The CryptoZone Founder’s Token Link

Lottery Tickets:

The Lottery System will be one of our main reward mechanisms, remaining verifiably fair by creating tickets which double as blockchain assets, and everyone will have a chance to be a part of the fun regardless of your purchasing power.

There will be four drawings per month, one each Sunday for the first four Sundays of the month. The total winning ticket amount will depend on the percentage of the circulating supply + the amount of melted tickets from that particular set. This means that once the tickets are distributed, the probability of winning will never decrease but can increase if some tickets are melted.

Of course the prize pool for lottery drawings will feature The CryptoZone original assets, tokens + assets from the projects + blockchain games which we are currently collaborating with and those from future projects, Enjin Multiverse items, and finally assets from future games and projects developed by The CryptoZone.

The CryptoZone Lottery Ticket: Series #1 Link

Supporter Tokens:

Supporter Tokens will be classified into five tiers and will be used mainly as a means of rewarding members of the community that are active and helpful.

You can think of the tokens as being similar to fiat. They will be interchangeable with every asset (Except other Supporter Tokens) in stock with a 10% discount (stackable with FT’s discount). This means the price of buying enough supporter tokens to exchange with a specific asset should always be less than directly buying said asset. Once these tokens are exchanged, we will recirculate them back into the economy.

This also allows us a means of achieving early funding for The CryptoZone project, allowing early supporters to buy these limited supply tokens and swap them for another asset they want in the future at a discount!

Adamantium Tier Supporter Token Link

Gold Tier Supporter Token Link

Silver Tier Supporter Token Link

Bronze Tier Supporter Token Link

Basic Tier Supporter Token Link

Faux the Phoenix:

Faux the Phoenix is the official mascot of The CryptoZone. He likes staring at the community members while analyzing human behavior. He has been with us since the beginning, but it wasn’t until we discovered the Enjelic powers within our very souls that he became visible to the human eye. He is the wielder of long lost secrets of this world… if he likes you enough he may be willing to descend to a lower level of consciousness to speak with you in a way you can understand and bestow unto you his ancient wisdom. PS: He really loves candies!

This token will be amongst our rarest and will have a special feature in the future games we plan develop. It’s even possible Faux will have a utility in each-and-every future project we launch! In addition, we will be working hard to implement and inject Faux into as many Blockchain Games and projects as we can!

Earn With Us Token:

Use this token to quickly check what you are currently able to earn by staying active in The CryptoZone. We will work to update the description + artwork through its metadata as often as possible, in order to keep our holders informed about our most recent partnerships and giveaways in real-time! We will also be working to include important info such as when snapshots are coming up for FT Holder drops, Lottery Draw dates, and which new and exciting prizes are up for grabs each week. Stick around… and Earn With Us!

Earn-With-Us Token Link

Collab Tokens:

Tokens in this class will be minted in collaboration with several future projects. We will do our best to increase their utility within our own future games, as well as providing a utility within the future projects we collaborate with. (We already have plans to begin with these types of collaborations very soon!)

Besides the 50% of funds directed to our Founders, a percentage will be allocated to contribute to each project’s specific needs.